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30 January 2023

February 2023 Due Dates

These are dates to keep in mind for February of 2023.

David M Robson


17 January 2023

You May Need To Prepare for 1099-K Reporting

The IRS Tax law, since 2011, has required third-party settlement organizations such as Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, and Ebay to report transactions over $20,000 in payments per year from over 200 transactions. The American Rescue Plan of 2021 abruptly changed the reporting threshold to $600 per year regardless of the number of transactions. This change was supposed to have taken place beginning for 2022 transactions. However, some pressure from the tax preparation community and businesses have caused the IRS to delay for one year the implementation of the $600 threshold, so it will be applicable to transactions that occur beginning in 2023 instead of those in 2022.

David M Robson


13 January 2023

All the Signs That You May Need Some Assistance With Your Bookkeeping

Especially in the early days of a business, it can be natural to want to handle as many day-to-day tasks yourself - bookkeeping included. Sometimes, it's in an effort to save money. Often, entrepreneurs just feel like they're in a better position to handle everything themselves. Regardless, this situation does seem to play out regularly.

David M Robson


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